"Moving in the Right Direction"
a Public Art project by Béatrice Coron

About the Artist: Béatrice Coron's artwork is rooted in the traditions of cut paper and storytelling. She moved to NYC from her homeland of France in 1985, and began working in the Public Art realm in the 2000s. Her work is in the permanent collection of major museums such as the Metropolitan Museum, The Walker Art center, and The Getty. Her public art can be seen in subways, airports, and sports facilities among others.

For more information about the Béatrice Coron visit her website: www.beatricecoron.com or view her TEDTalk.

Location: The project we are working on here in Lancaster, PA will be installed at the Wading Pool near Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, located on South Duke Street, replacing a worn out fence with a vibrant work of art. This pool is used during summer months as part of a very popular Lancaster REC program. 

Concept: Since the pool is located at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School and the theme of the pool is Transportation and Movement, Béatrice has selected a quote by Dr. King to be included in and as inspiration for the project:

"If you can't fly then run,
if you can't run then walk,
if you can't walk then crawl,
but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward."

The artist describes her concept for the imagery as follows:

"Growing-up and moving forward are metaphorically represented by iconic images of different means of locomotion. Doing the right thing is represented by symbols of positive values, for example: flying hearts for love, birds for freedom, flowers for harmony with nature."

Timeline: The fence is currently being installed and is anticipated to be fully installed by May 13th. Stay tuned for news about an upcoming ribbon cutting with the Mayor.

Funding: This project is fully funded.

Update: As we approach our funding goal, we would like to take a moment to thank all of our donors, both anonymous and named. The donors to this project include:

  • Thomas A. & Georgina T. Russo Family Foundation
  • Rufus & Judy Fulton
  • Harriet Slonneger
  • Carmen Garcia-Hommel
  • Georgine Wood
  • Foxduck Print
  • Kathlene Sulivan
  • Mary Alice Ressler
  • Alexandria Nabinger
  • Bruce & John Martin-Haney
  • Patricia Haverstick
  • Thomas Bejgrowicz
  • Hylon Plumb
  • Heidi Leitzke
  • Douglas Seitz
  • Nick & Jean Selch
  • Rick & Gail Gray
  • Cheila Huettner
  • Sally Jarvis
  • Jamie Jurgaitis
  • Roger Thompson
  • Patrick Hopkins
  • Chuck & Sue Waterfield
  • K Z
  • Bernie Burkholder
  • Hale & Bob Krasne
  • Amy Wagner
  • Galen Wenger 
  • Valerie Paige
  • Renee Piechocki
  • Chad Martin
  • Robert & Nancy Shenk
  • Mary Ferris
  • Melissa Hiller
  • Barbara Wilson
  • 50 Hess
  • Kristen Thomas
  • Tracy Beyl
  • Margaret Flory
  • Linda & Kevin Brown
  • Patricia Brogan
  • Glen Recknagel
  • Kenneth Hammel
  • Andrea Collins
  • Susan Gottlieb
  • David Hershey
  • Charlotte Katzenmoyer
  • Jay Noble
  • Andrew Herr
  • James Reichenbach
  • Amy Ruffo
  • Ellie Mowrer
  • Paolo Del Toro
  • Gary Davis
  • Sue Dodge
  • Sheldon Weaver
  • Derrick Gutierrez
  • Mary & Fritz Schroeder
  • Elizabeth Sterner
  • Kim Jenkins
  • Peter Barber
  • Kathy Beyer
  • Tamesa Hock
  • Annie Kerekgyarto
  • Shaun McDonald
  • Sandra Asher
  • Dez Rodriguez
  • Sue Landes
  • Jessica McAllister
  • Audra Landers
  • Jennifer Poorman
  • Araceli Edwards
  • Emily Adleblute
  • Atticus Gallagher Clark
  • Nick Mohler
  • Angie Hohenadel
  • Nicole Duquette
  • Mary Colleen Heil
  • Danene Sorace
  • Stephanie Deininger
  • Randy Patterson
  • Fabrizio Aiello
  • Amber Kane
  • Tiffany Wilson
  • Natalie Lascek
  • Countless Anonymous Donors